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About Me

Hey, my name is Anas Alqoyyum. I’m a Software Engineer mostly focuses on Frontend Engineer in which primarily revolves around React and TypeScript. Other than Frontend stuff, I also have a bit of experience in Golang. To be honest, I realize that I’m a bit unexposed or uneducated to a Compiled Languages, only as far as using it during my time as a student in University. It makes me feel a bit inferior and that’s the primary reason why I decided to learn Golang (and it’s been fun), hopefully in the near-future Golang became something that I would use as much as TypeScript.

Even though my thesis project is revolving around Machine Learning titled "YOLOv4 Algorithm Implementation Based on Darknet and Optical Character Recognition on Vehicle License Plate Detection". But, I always felt like that my effort was lacking and thinking back I could do better but what done is done. BUT, I still have a somewhat small interest in that field who knows maybe when I’m bored with Frontend stuff I’ll move to that field. The future is unknown and filled with many possibilities.

Sometimes I share my expertise as a robotic instructor for extracurricular activity in a school. It’s not full-time, only helping here and there when its needed.

My technical skills:

  • HTML - CSS: SASS, CSS-in-JS (I.e. Styled Components), and utility-first CSS (I.e. Tailwind)
  • Javascript - TypeScript: React and Node.js (Primarily TypeScript)
  • Web frameworks: Next.js, Storybook, Laravel
  • Bundlers: Webpack, Vite, esbuild (Leaning to Vite & esbuild nowadays)
  • Testing: Jest, Cypress
  • Compiled languages: Golang (Still learning and hoping to learn more)
  • Git, CI/CD, and static site generators (I.e. Astro, fun-fact: This site is built with Astro 🧑‍🚀)

On another note, I’m self-diagnosed with a really bad Rhythm Games addiction (Only play Rhythm Games) mostly Sound Voltex, IIDX, Arcaea. Perhaps the reason why I’m addicted is because it is fun and rewarding.


The purpose of this site is mainly to share. The expected content on the top of my head will be web development and problems I faced and how to solve them, real-life stuff that might be interesting to read (alternative: visit my Twitter) or even gaming stuff who knows

Btw, Play Trails.