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Retrospective: 2023

Anas Alqoyyum
Anas Alqoyyum at
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A 2023 folder and a 2024 folder, and 2024 folder about to be opened

I feel like I can barely remember what happened in 2023. It feels like we were all catching up with life after 2.5 years of a soul-sucking pandemic, and now our perception of a long time is forever warped. So, I don't know if I am even able to do a 2023 retrospective off the top of my head. But, let's try to look back at it.

These were the events that I can at least recollect happening this year:

  1. Promoted to a Middle Level Software Engineer at AccelByte.
  2. Being more confident on what I worked on and learning that giving up on something is not a bad thing.
  3. Being more comfortable on giving feedback to others.
  4. Finishing up on Trails Series (catch up on Kuro no Kiseki II) and Reaching Inf-Dan (Skill Level.∞ 暴龍天) in Sound Voltex.
  5. Able to get through my Father sudden incident (and I'm so glad it went just fine). 1

With that said, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024!

1 at the end of the day, most people only cares about themselves. Even though you desperately need their help because they owe you something.