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Life Is Too Short

Anas Alqoyyum
Anas Alqoyyum at
2 min read
Ghost staring at you

I think many of us take life for granted.

It is a thoughtless assumption that we'll live 70, 80, maybe 90 years, or more. We even have the concept of life expectancy to represent this, but statistics aren't a complete representation of life.

Unfortunately, tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

This has become more and more clear to me.

You never know who you'll see when you step outside, and you never know who you won't. Ever again.

It isn't fair that a person's life can be cut short at any moment. It isn't fair that people must face all kinds of painful circumstances beyond their control. Life isn't fair.

So I won't put to you a pointless question like would you be happy if today was your last day, or how should you live if any day could be your last?

Life is too short for such things.

It's your choice how you spend your time on Earth, but not for how long. It's your choice what you do and what you say, but not what results. It's not your choice if you are treated with kindness, but you can choose to be kind.

Life is too short to let your anxieties control you.

Life is too short to spend holding on to the past.

Life is too short to not tell someone "I love you".

Life is too short to spend waiting.

Life is too short.

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